terms of participation

The organizer of the competition "BrewHeart Tasting Package" is the BrewHeart GmbH, Nordring 37, 83624 Otterfing (in the following: BrewHeart). Participation in the raffle is exclusively possible to the conditions listed below. By participating in this competition, the participant accepts these conditions of participation:


The competition "BrewHeart ProBIERpaket" begins on 26.06.2019 and ends on 09.07.2019 (23.59 clock). (hereinafter: competition period).  


Three BrewHeart tasting packages will be raffled. The shipping and deposit costs are covered by BrewHeart. All other costs associated with the package are to be covered by the winner. Eligible are all adults who liked the BrewHeart Facebook page and commented on the respective Facebook post until the raffle ends. BrewHeart employees are excluded from participating in the Sweepstakes and will not be included in the prize draw. It is expressly stated that the supply of alcoholic beverages to children and adolescents is prohibited. The competition is therefore aimed exclusively at persons of legal age. By accepting these conditions of participation, each participant confirms his / her majority. The participants are responsible for the correctness of the given contact details. In the case of false personal data, an exclusion from the competition will take place.


The determination of winnings and profit is carried out by BrewHeart. The draw of the winners will take place by chance on 10.07.2019 (12:00 pm). Winners will be notified by email. If the winners do not respond to the winning notification within 72 hours, the winnings entitlement will expire.


The winner must ensure that only he / she or persons authorized by him to accept the delivery accept the delivery of goods. A claim for reimbursement of the profit value does not exist. A cash payment of the prize is not possible.


BrewHeart is not liable for material or legal defects of the respective profit and / or those, which stand or could stand in connection with the profit.


BrewHeart is hereby exempted from any obligation and liability to the winner by making a profit notification and providing the winnings.


BrewHeart reserves the right to exclude participants from the raffle if there is good cause, in particular in case of violation of the conditions of participation and / or suspected manipulation.


A cash payment of the profits is excluded. The winnings are not transferable or exchangeable.


BrewHeart reserves the right to terminate the Sweepstakes prematurely for important reasons, especially if proper performance of the Sweepstakes can no longer be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons, as well as to change the Terms of Participation at any time this should be required.


The raffle is subject exclusively to the law of the Kingdom of Spain. Legal action is excluded with regard to the conduct of the competition and the granting of profits.


The competition is not affiliated with Facebook. Facebook is not available as a contact for competitions.


Privacy Policy

1.) Responsible body in the sense of the data protection right for this competition is the BrewHeart GmbH, Nordring 37, 83624 Otterfing.

2.) The data protection conditions of BrewHeart, available at: https://www.brewheart.de/datenschutzerklaerung

3.) If the participant does not agree with this data usage, participation in the raffle is not possible.


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Brewheart GmbH
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